How Is the Cloud Changing for the Future?

The cloud has transformed many industries, opening up entirely new avenues for work and operations. However, the many benefits it has provided were conceptualized not even a decade ago—so what changes will the future of the cloud bring?

Internet of Things (IoT)

Developers have conceptualized the Internet of Things for a while, but it has remained somewhat theoretical. More devices that connect to the cloud are still being developed and released, so you could say that IoT is still in its infancy.

As the cloud progresses and more companies integrate its functionality into their products, users will begin to see high-quality, fast services and applications with all their products. Additionally, you can connect yourself as a user throughout, and all your devices can work harmoniously as the cloud is further optimized to analyze user behavior and patterns.

Moore’s Law

Users and businesses can use the cloud without a physical server in their offices or warehouses, but these servers still exist in data centers. Thousands upon thousands of servers are currently “storing” the cloud, but developers will continually be able to shrink hardware while expanding software. Data centers are ever-growing, but soon, the components needed to store and maintain the cloud will shrink while their operating capabilities continue to grow.

Ability of Small Businesses To Compete

Smaller companies will eventually be able to position themselves on the global competition stage. A significant industrial factor that separates smaller businesses from major corporations is that the former don’t have the resources to compete. However, as the cloud becomes stronger, smaller, and easier to operate, this divide will shrink. Consequently, if they have quality products or services, smaller businesses will be able to market them and provide them to people on a global scale. Previously, they would have needed to go through years of funding and growth to even think about competing.

Better Security

Cybersecurity is a technical and highly necessary field today, but as the cloud develops, these protections will become more complicated, and users’ information will be safer than ever before. Hackers will also learn more and have more technical know-how, but protections will be so complex and personal for the user that hacking and data breaches will seemingly disappear.

So how is the cloud changing for the future? It’s all still theoretical, but changes are still happening regularly, indicating that newer developments are just around the corner. If you’re already using SAP’s resources for your business and interested in moving forward with the cloud, consider SAP on Azure. At Atmosersa, we can help you migrate to the cloud and extend the SAP capabilities you know into a space specifically optimized for SAP workloads.

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