8 Reasons Why Microsoft Azure Is Better Than AWS

The cloud computing industry has gotten pretty big over the last 10 years. Many companies have tried getting in on this action, but two companies have managed to hold a majority of the market share for quite a while. They are Microsoft and Amazon. While other tech businesses such as Google and Oracle have made names for themselves here, Azure and AWS have been battling for the top spot for a while.

While they both bring a lot to the table, and we don’t want to pretend like Amazon’s service is not a worthwhile option, this article aims to cover the reasons why Microsoft Azure is better than AWS. In it, we’ll cover the areas where Azure excels and why it’s the better choice in comparison.

Natural Microsoft Compatibility

It’s no secret that many businesses already use a lot of Microsoft-owned products and services. They are a titan in this industry thanks to things like Windows, Office, and the .Net programming language. That last one, in particular, is one of the key reasons why so many companies go with Azure. This cloud service is fully compatible with both new and older applications that use the .Net framework.

Transferring data and programs to a cloud service can be quite complicated and time-consuming, especially when you need to alter the programming code in order to complete the migration. Many companies go with Azure for this reason alone since the seamless .Net integration removes a lot of the headaches.

More Integrated PaaS

While Azure and AWS both utilize infrastructure as a service (IaaS), only Azure truly takes advantage of Platform as a Service (PaaS). Even though Amazon doesn’t offer any direct services that classify as a PaaS, they let their customers create their own. However, Microsoft allows for both by providing services, such as Azure Search and Azure CDN, while still letting their clients create their own platforms.

Through Azure, companies not only have access to the environments and tools that let them build the new cloud services, but they can more easily monitor and manage them after launch. Microsoft takes care of much of this PaaS behind the scenes for their clients, allowing for a better user experience.

Easier To Learn

One of the biggest reasons why Microsoft Azure is better than AWS is that it receives a lot of praise for its gentle learning curve. Taking your first steps into cloud computing can be quite challenging, especially for smaller businesses, so it’s a good idea to take your first steps with a provider who lays everything out in a clearer manner. AWS receives many critiques for having endless tutorials and guides that tend to complicate things for new users.

On the other hand, Microsoft uses technologies that companies are already familiar with, such as Windows and Active Directory, to better explain the processes that they’ll use in Azure. They also provide valuable tools like Github and Visual Studios to add to a more seamless learning experience. To further add to this, many people agree that Azure-specific programs are also much more straightforward, making them easier to learn overall.

Leading in Online Security

One of the biggest concerns with cloud integration is online security, and Azure blows it out of the water when it comes to this. Microsoft created Azure based on the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), which means that all developments they make for the platform keep security at the core of its design. This approach allows them to stay on the bleeding edge of security technology.

This is why Microsoft was the first cloud provider to have the EU’s data protection authorities and the Article 29 Working Party approve them for use in Europe. They were also the first to adopt ISO 27018, which was the new international standard for cloud privacy at the time. While it’s impossible to achieve complete perfection when it comes to internet security, Microsoft definitely stands out as one of the best in the cloud computing sector.

Seamless Hybrid Options

If you could never decide on whether you wanted a public or private cloud, Azure makes that decision easier by offering a hybrid option. Amazon has made strides towards providing this as a choice on their platform, but Microsoft has had hybrid cloud options for longer and has nearly perfected it. Its consistent platform allows for easy mobility between both public and private clouds. Plus, it has allowed users to develop apps that natively perform in a hybrid environment for years.

Highly Integrated Environment

If it hasn’t become apparent already, all these features on Azure come together for a highly integrated experience for users. Readymade services combined with things like PaaS and easy migration make for a very smooth experience for companies from start to finish. While this might seem like something that any cloud provider would want to achieve with their services, none pull it off quite as well as Azure. However, this isn’t the end of our list. There are still two more things that are worth noting for those who are interested in using Azure for business.

Better Bang for Your Buck

With all these benefits, many would be left to assume that Azure is the most expensive option on the market. However, a majority of the time, it is around 10 percent cheaper than AWS with its normal pricing structures. To add to that, though, if you already have an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft, you can save even more money when adding Azure to your list of services. If your company has already fully integrated with other Microsoft services, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this!

Excellent MSP Choices

Finally, the last reason you should choose Azure over AWS is because Microsoft has put a lot of time and effort into only working with the best managed service providers (MSPs). Obviously, we’re a little biased on this one because we are one of them.

While there are many MSPs to choose from, here at Atmosera, we focus on helping companies scale their business through cloud usage. Our Azure management services are great tools for our clients that want to do things such as maximize their ROIs and accelerate their overall performance. Regardless of what your goals are for scaling your business, Atmosera will be able to help you best utilize Azure for achieving them!

8 Reasons Why Microsoft Azure Is Better Than AWS

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